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How to crochet a baby cocoon 2
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Colorful Baby Cocoon Crochet Tutorial – Newborn Size

How to crochet a baby cocoon?  In this tutorial, I show you how to crochet a baby snuggle that is sized for 0-3 months (newborn).  This pattern is extremely simple to follow and shouldn’t take you more than 1.5 hours to complete.  This project would be a great homemade gift for a baby shower.  I will be making other projects geared toward babies with these same skeins of yarn soon, so if you are interested in seeing how many projects I can make with these six skeins, stay tuned!

Crochet Newborn Cocoon Video Tutorial:

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If you are unfamiliar with any of the stitches used in this pattern, please check out my stitch tutorials here: 

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How to crochet a baby cocoon pattern:

Yarn: 4 Medium
Crochet Hook Size: F / 5 / 3.75 MM
Row 1: CH 6, turn.
Row 2: 1 SL in BACK BUMP of each st (6 total st at end of the row), CH 1, turn.
Row 3: 1 SL in the Back Loop Only (BLO) of each st (6 total st at end of row), CH 1, turn.
Rows 4 – ?: Repeat Row 3.
Once this reaches 13 inches, make sure that you end on a row that ends on the opposite side of your starting tail.  “Sew” the two edges together by lining up the edges and placing 1 SL in corresponding stitches on the two edges (insert hook under 1 st on each side and then pull through for a SL st). 
Row 5: CH 1 and place 1 SC in the top of the ridges created in the previous rows.  Since there aren’t any traditional stitches, you just have to place SC stitches in the available loops.  End this row on an even number (this should include the CH 1).  I ended up with 38 SC stitches at the end of this row.  SL in the top of CH 1 st, yarning over with your new color.
Row 6:  Ch 2.  Place a bead st in the st BEHIND CH 2 st.  To make a bead st, yarn over, insert your hook into st, yarn over and pull through four times, then yarn over and pull through all the loops on your crochet hook and CH 1.  *Skip st after bead st and place 1 DC in the following st.  Place bead st in skipped st (don’t forget to add CH 1 after bead st).*  Repeat * around your row.  SL into top of 1st bead st, yarning over with your new color.
Rows 7 – 33: Repeat row 6.
Row 34: Line up your edges and SL together the edges so they are “sewn” together.  Cut and tie off your yarn.  Secure all tails between the rows and hide them, then turn your work inside out.

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