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How to Crochet a Flower - 10 Minutes or Less
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How to Crochet a Flower- 10 Minute Pattern

How to crochet a flower?  In this tutorial, I show you how to make a very simple flower.  This pattern is easy and can be done in around 10 minutes. It can make a great addition to a wine carrier, hat, or other accessory.  I usually try to crochet a few and keep them around for my projects.

Video Tutorial:

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Wine Coosie Crochet Tutorial: 

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SC = Single Crochet
ST = Stitch
SL = Slip Stitch
FLO = Front loop only
CH = Chain
BLO = Back-loop only
DC = Double Crochet

10-Minute Flower Crochet Pattern!

Crochet Hook Size: G / 6/ 4.25MM
Yarn: Medium weight
Magic Loop how-to:
Magic Loop (or Magic Circle) to begin
Row 1: 13 SC inside the magic loop.  SL into FLO of 1st st.
Row 2: 3 SC in next st, SL in next st* *Repeat around the rest of the row.  This should form 6 small pedals and end on a SL st. SL again into the next st (full st) and CH 1.
Row 3: Turning your work so you can see the back loops of Row 1, place *1 SC in the first back loop and 2 SC in the next BL* “Repeat around the Row.  SL into the CH from the end of Row 2.
Row 4: *4 DC in next st and 1 SL in the next st.* * Repeat around the Row.  This should form 9 large pedals. Last pedal should end on a SL st. Place SL in 1st SL st in Row 4.  
Tie off and tuck your tails into the back of the flower.  Use tails to tie onto project.

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