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Crochet Heart-Shaped Coasters

Crochet these ADORABLE heart-shaped COASTERS with me! The hearts for the coasters are crocheted using a granny square pattern, making four different sizes! These coasters come together very fast using a simple crochet sewing stitch!

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Heart Coasters

Crochet Hook: G/6/4.25MM
Yarn: Size 4, Medium Weight
Hearts: 2x each size of my Granny Square Hearts Tutorial & Pattern!

Tie starting tails of both like-sized hearts together, making sure the backs of your hearts are facing each other and the “pretty” side is facing outwards.  Next, tie the ending tails together.

Insert your crochet hook in the center-most point on both hearts, then yarn over with a different color and pull through.  Working in the next st over on both hearts, insert your crochet hook and yarn over and pull through all the loops on your crochet hook for a SL st.

Repeat this process of slip-stitching the hearts together until you make it back to your original st.  Insert crochet hook in the original first st, CUT YOUR YARN, then yarn over and pull all the way through to tie off your yarn.

Pull the yarn tail to the back through those original stitches.  Tie the starting and ending tails together twice, then hide the tails between the layers of your heart coaster.

Repeat this process for the other sizes of hearts.


00:00 – Materials
00:32 – Precursor Instructions
00:48 – Tie Tails
01:18 – Crochet Sewing Stitch
02:27 – Finishing Touches
03:18 – Secure Tails
03:31 – Secure & Hide Tails

Crochet GRANNY SQUARE HEARTS in Four Sizes:

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