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DIY Yarn Tassel Multiple Colors
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DIY Multi Colored Tassel

How to make a yarn tassel? In is tutorial, I show you how to make a very simple yarn tassel in less than 5 minutes. This yarn tassel is a perfect addition to your next crochet project! The only things you need to make this are: yarn, scissors, and an empty toilet paper roll.
DIY Yarn Tassel Video Tutorial:

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Empty toilet paper roll


  1. Wind yarn around toilet paper roll (longways) 4x.  Cut off yarn.
  2. Cut a strand of yarn ~1 foot in length and tie it around wound yarn 3x (this is easiest at one of the holes in the TP roll ends.  Cut the all wound yarn strands at the opposite hole.  Use top ties to secure to your next project
  3. Cut another strand of yarn ~1 foot in length and tie it 3/4” from the top.  Pull on yarn ends and top ties to ensure this part is even.  Tie 3x to secure once even.  Allow excess yarn to drape down and become part of the tassel ends.

DIY Solid Color Tassel:

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Easy Traditional Tassel:

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