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How to crochet a flower - DIY chunk yarn flower
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How to Crochet a Flower – DIY Chunky Yarn

How to crochet a flower with chunky yarn?  In this tutorial, I show you how to make your own chunky yarn and crochet a flower with it.  This is a very simple tutorial, and shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes to complete.  This pattern uses two different colors to make up the inner circle and then the petals.  This flower would be adorable on a headband, beanie, basket, or wine tote.

Crochet Chunky Yarn Flower:

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Stitch Tutorials: 

Chunky Yarn Flower Crochet Pattern:

Crochet Hook: N\15\10MM
Yarn: Any yarn (if using chunky yarn, then only use 1 strand) 3 strands cut at 11 feet for the inner circle & 3 strands cut at 21 feet (each)  for the petals.
Note: this pattern is worked with all three strands at the same time.  Inorder to do this, line the three strands of yarn up together and crochet with them simultaneously, like you would one strand.
Row 1: CH 2, 14 DC inside MC. SL in top of 1st DC, yarning over with color you will be using for petals.
Row 2: Place 2 DC in same st as current SL.  In next st, place 2 DC then a SL – this will create 1 petal.  Continue that pattern (1 SL + 2 DC in st 1, 2 DC + 1 SL in st 2) all the way around the row.  When you get to the last SL in your last petal, SL in the original SL from st 1 rather than current SL.  Cut and tie off yarn (you should have a total of 7 petals at the end of this row).

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