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Easy Crochet Slouchy Beanie Tutorial for Beginners
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Beginner Crochet Beanie Tutorial

How to crochet a beginner beanie? In this crochet tutorial, I show you how to crochet a simple and easy slouchy beanie that is ideal for anyone new to crochet. This beanie is perfect for those colder fall or winter months, and would make an excellent gift.

Beginner Crochet Beanie Video Tutorial

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Stitches used in this pattern and their corresponding stitch tutorials

Magic Loop or Magic Circle (MC):
Chain (CH):
Double-Crochet (DC):
Single Crochet (SC):
Slip Stitch (SL st):

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Beginner-Friendly Crochet Beanie Pattern

Crochet Hook: K/6.5MM
Yarn: Buttercream Luxe 100% Roving Wool,  115 yds, Size 5 Bulky

Attach yarn to crochet hook using a Magic Circle (MC).

Row 1: CH 2 and place 12 DC inside MC.

Row 2: Diving directly into 1st DC st, place 2 DC.  Then place 2 DC in each st in the row.  Since this is a spiral pattern, I recommend marking the 1st st of the row with a scrap piece of yarn or st marker (24 total DC st).

Row 3: *1 DC in st 1, 2 DC in st 2.* Repeat * around the row (36 total DC st).

Row 4: *1 DC in st 1 – 2, 2 DC in st 3.* Repeat * around the row (48 total DC st).

Row 5: *1 DC in st 1 – 3, 2 DC in st 4.* Repeat * around the row (60 total DC st).

Rows 6 – 12: Place 1 DC in each st in each row.

Row 13: *1 DC in st 1 – 3, DC 2together in st 4 & 5.* Repeat * around the row (48 total DC st).

Rows 14 – 18: Place 1 SC in each st in each row, until you have about 18 inches of yarn remaining in the skein.

Finish off by placing 1 SL st in the next 5 st, then tie off yarn and hide it on the inside of the beanie.

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