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How to Crochet 2020 Numbers Tutorial - New Years Crochet Project
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2020 Crochet Numbers Tutorial – New Years Crochet Project

How to crochet numbers 2020?  In this tutorial, I show you an extremely simple way to crochet 2020 numbers for the New Year!  I love accenting a wine holder with these and bringing a bottle of wine or champagne to social gatherings on New Years.  This project only takes about 15 minutes (total) to make, so I highly encourage you to give it a shot!
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Video Tutorial:

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Stitches Used: 

Magic Loop:
Double Crochet (DC):
Single Crochet (SC):
Chain (CH):

Crochet the Number 2:

Crochet Hook Size: G / 6 / 4.25MM
Yarn: 4 Medium / I Love This Yarn
Magic Loop
Row 1: 10 DC inside Magic Loop, don’t connect to 1st st.
Row 2: Crocheting over the tail, place 8 DC.  You can tighten them on the tail if you prefer, but don’t let the stitches overlap.
Row 3: CH 1, using the last DC st, find 2 “stitches” and place 1 SC in each.
Row 4: Without adding a CH at the end of Row 3, turn your work.  Insert your hook inside the last SC st you made and insert another SC.  Work across the row, inserting SC into the stitches, for a total of 3 SC.
Row 5-7: Repeat Row 4.  Make sure that as you turn your work, you don’t add a CH st or skip a st.
Tie off your work and fold the number so it forms a “2.”  Consider sewing the bottom part of the “2” to the rest by pulling one of your tails through both pieces.  This should help keep your 2 in place when you add it to a project.

Crochet the Number 0:

Crochet Hook Size: G / 6 / 4.25MM
Yarn: 4 Medium / I Love This Yarn
Magic Loop
Row 1: Place 25-30 DC inside the Magic Loop. Slowly tighten your tail to make sure that you don’t have any stitches overlapping.  SL into the 1st st.
Tie off your yarn and weave it into the back of your number 0.

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