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diy crochet soap saver
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How to Make a Soap Saver – DIY Soap Sack

How to crochet a soap saver?  In this tutorial, I show you how to crochet a soap saver with two alternating colors.  This pattern is perfect for lathering up a bar of soap and is quite adorable as well!
I am working this pattern along with others in a two skein Mothers’ Day challenge!  In this challenge, I am going to see how many projects I can create with only two skeins of yarn.  For this, I decided to go with a variegated yarn with less length (196 yards) and a solid color (252 yards).

Crochet Soap Saver Video Tutorial:

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If you are unfamiliar with any of the stitches used in this pattern, check out my

Stitch Tutorials Series here:

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How to crochet a soap saver free pattern:

Yarn: Size 4 Medium
Crochet Hook Size: F / 5 / 3.75 MM
Row 1: CH 12.
Row 2: 1 SC in the back loop only of each st across (starting with the 2nd CH from hook – 11 total st).  At the end of the row, rather than turning like normal, insert your hook in the last stitch’s front loop only st, and place 1 SC.  Repeat for the rest of the row’s front loop stitches (11 total st for this portion – 22 total st in row).  SL with the 1st SC of the row.
Row 3: CH 1 and then place 1 SC in each st across (22 total stitches when you include the CH st).
Row 4: Repeat row 3, but when you SL st at the end of the row, yarn over and pull through with your new color.
Row 5: CH 2, 1 DC in the stitch prior to the CH 2 (make sure you aren’t crocheting in the SL st).  Skip 1 st and then place 1 DC.  Place 1 DC in the skipped stitch (this should create a criss-cross stitch).  Repeat for the rest of the row (skip next st, place DC, then place DC in skipped st).  When you get to the end of your row, SL in the top of the first criss cross st to join, but yarn over with previous color.
Row 6: CH 1 and place 1 SC in the same st (this is to make up for not placing your hook in the top of the CH 2 st).  Place 1 SC in each st in row (22 total st at end of row). SL in CH 1 st.
Row 7: CH 1, place 1 SC in each st in row (22 total st at end of row).
Row 8: Repeat row 7.
Row 9: Repeat Row 5.
Rows 10 – 13: Repeat rows 6 – 9.
Rows 14 – 17: Repeat rows 6 – 9.
Tie off yarn and make sure you secure all of your tails, then turn work inside out (this is optional –  I just find it is easier to hide the tails this way).
CH 40, tie off yarn and double-knot the two tails on the ends.  Weave chain through the gaps created by the criss-cross st from Row 17.

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