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Crochet Braided Coaster
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Crochet Braided Coaster Using Single Crochet Stitch

How to crochet an easy coaster? In this crochet tutorial, I show you how to crochet a braided coaster that only takes about 30 minutes to complete! This coaster is a great gift idea, and would be great as a set for some DIY home decor!

Crochet Braided Coaster Video Tutorial

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Stitches Used:

Attach yarn to crochet hook using a slip knot:
Chain (CH):
Single Crochet (SC):

Crochet Braided Coaster Pattern:

Crochet Hook: G/6/4.25MM
Yarn: 4 Medium, Lion Brand Yarn’s Re-Up 100% Recycled Cotton and Polyester Blend, Colors: Mineral Springs and Sea Glass

Attach Color B to the crochet hook using a slip knot.

Crochet a long rope of chains, pull out a long loop and remove crochet hook so you can re-insert crochet hook to add additional chain stitches as needed,

Row 1:  Insert crochet hook in 1st CH st from Color B, then attach Color A yarn to color crochet hook using a slip knot.  Pull Color a yarn through Color B yarn to drop Color B entirely.  CH 1, then place 15 SC stitches over the chain rope.  CH 1 and turn the work.

Row 2: Working over the chain rope, place 1 SC in each st in the row.  CH 1, turn.

Row 3: Make sure to turn the chain rope up so that the loop this creates is on the same side of the coaster as it was in Row 2.  Place 1 SC in each st in the row, working over the chain rope in the process.  CH 1, turn.

Rows 4 – 16: Repeat Rows 2 & 3.

Remove excess chains from the chain rope until you have one loop stitch out of your last st, then insert the crochet hook in the loop.  

Cut both strands of yarn and tie them off, hiding the tails for Color A on the ugly side of the coaster.

Attach a fringe tassel to each corner of the coaster using Color B yarn.

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