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Crochet Easy Face Pad - Slow Version

How to Crochet an Exfoliating Face Pad

How to crochet a face scrubber?  In this crochet tutorial, I show you how to crochet a cotton face pad that is perfect for gentle exfoliation of your face or other parts of your body.  This scrubber is a great gift or is perfect for anyone learning to crochet.

Crochet Face Pad – Slow Version – Video Tutorial:

YouTube player

Video Chapters:

Magic Circle: 00:52
Row 1: 01:07
Row 2: 01:21
Row 3: 06:21
Tie off yarn: 13:10
This is a stitch for stitch tutorial, meaning that I show you every stitch in this crochet face scrubber. But if you are interested in a quicker version, check here:

Crochet Face Pad – Quick Version – Video Tutorial:

YouTube player

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Stitches Used in this Pattern:

Magic Circle:
Chain (CH):
Double Crochet (DC):
Front Post st: shown in video
Back Post st: shown in video

How to Crochet a Face Scrubber Pattern:

Crochet Hook:  G / 6 / 4.25
Yarn: 4 Cotton, Worsted Weight, Lily Sugar N’ Cream, Teal
Attach yarn to crochet hook using a magic circle.
Row 1: CH 2, place 12 DC inside MC.  SL st into top of 1st DC st.
Row 2: CH 2, place 2 DC in each st in the row – including current st where you just placed the SL st (24 total DC st). SL st into top of 1st DC st. 
Row 3: CH 2, place 1 BACK POST st in the same st that you just placed the SL st.  Place 1 DC in next st + 1 FRONT POST st.  *Place 1 BACK POST st in the following st, then place 1 DC + 1 FRONT POST st in the following st.* Repeat * around the row.  SL st into top of 1st BACK POST st (36 total st).
Cut and tie off yarn.  Weave the tail in the direction that you were crocheting until it is completely hidden.

This crochet face pad is a part of my cotton two skein challenge, where I see how many crochet projects I can complete with two skeins of cotton yarn (Lily Sugar N’ Cream, Teal, 4 oz). See the playlist here:

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