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how to crochet a 9
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How to Crochet the Number Six

How to crochet a six?  In this tutorial, I show you how to crochet the number 6 with a few simple steps.  This is part of my numbers series.  All numbers in this series should be roughly the same size and font.  

How to Crochet a Six Video Tutorial:

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These numbers would pair perfectly with my DIY basket for some in-depth organizing, a beanie for someone’s birthday, or a wine coozie to indicate a date (like an anniversary, birthday, move-in date, or just a general year).

Basket tutorial:

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Beanie tutorial:

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Wine tote Tutorial:

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How to crochet the number six pattern:

Yarn: 4 Medium
Crochet Hook Size: G
Row 1: Ch 9, turn.
Row 2: Beginning in 3rd back bump st, place 1 DC.  Place 1 DC in back bump of the rest of the stitches.  When you get to  the last st of the row, place 14 DC inside the back bump.  SL into top of the 2nd DC in that circle.  Tie off yarn.

Numbers Series Playlist: 

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