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Crochet Removeable Throw Pillow Cover
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Quick and Easy Crochet Throw Pillow Slip Cover with Scrap Yarn!

How to crochet a throw pillow slip cover? In this crochet tutorial, we crochet three strands of yarn together like they are one to make a quick and easy removeable throw pillow cover.

Crochet Throw Pillow Cover Video Tutorial:

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Crochet Multi-Colored Tassel:

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Stitches used in this pattern:

Attach Yarn to Crochet Hook:
Chain (CH):
Single Crochet (SC):
Slip Stitch (SL st):

How to crochet a chunky throw pillow cover:

Yarn: 3 Strands any yarn
Crochet hook: N / 15 / 10M
14’’ throw pillow insert
*NOTE: we are going to work three strands simultaneously like they are one strand for the entire pattern.  These strands can be any size, weight, brand, or type.
Attach yarn to crochet hook using a slip knot.
Row 1: CH 26 and turn work.
Row 2: Working in the 2nd CH from crochet hook, place 1 SC in the BLO of each st in the row (25 total), then turn work slightly and place 1 SC in the FLO of each st from Row 1 (this should create a circular pattern).  You should have 50 SC st in the round when you are done.
Row 3: Following a continuous loop pattern, place 1 SC in each st in the row (50 in total).
Rows 4 – 28: Repeat Row 3.  Make sure you end Row 28 at one of your fold edges.
Row 29: CH 1, turn work, and place 1 SC in the next 25 st.
Rows 30 – 47: Repeat Row 29.
Cut and tie off yarn.
Insert throw pillow.

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