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diy crochet beanie - crochet warm beanie - day 14
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DIY Crochet Beanie – Day 14 – Ultra Warm Beanie

How to crochet a beanie?  In this tutorial, I show you how to crochet a beanie using front and back post stitches.  This pattern is extremely easy to follow.  This beanie works quickly and shouldn’t take you more than 2 hours to complete.  The colors used in this pattern can easily be exchanged to fit whatever color scheme you like. 
How to crochet a brim tutorial:
Pom Pom (Pompon) Maker: 

Crochet Simple Male Beanie Video Tutorial:

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This beanie is part of a series of beanies that I am creating to donate to my local homeless shelter.  The goal is to complete 100 beanies in 100 days, all using unique patterns that I am going to share with you each day. 

Stitches used in this pattern (and their corresponding tutorials):

Attach Yarn to Crochet Hook:
Chain (CH):
Slip stitch (SL st):
Double Crochet (DC):

Simple Male Beanie Crochet Pattern:

Crochet Hook: F / 5 / 3.75MM
Yarn: 4 Medium ~ Big Twist Value brand
 *Note: this pattern has a precursor video: How to Crochet a Beanie Brim:
Create a brim that is 25 st deep and roughly 18’’ wide and connect the two side edges together (as shown in brim making tutorial).  
Row 1: Fold brim in half lengthwise (this will create a double brim), and using st markers or scrap pieces of yarn, section off your brim into four even sections.  SL st into corresponding st on the opposite edge and CH 2.  Crocheting into both edges of the brim, place 80 DC (20 DC in each section, and not counting the CH 2), crocheting the two edges together while you do so.  
Row 2: Following a continuous loop pattern, place 1 FRONT POST st around CH 2 st from previous row.  Place 1 BACK POST st around st 2.  Continue alternating between front and back post stitches for the rest of the row.  You should end on a front post st.
Rows 3 – 18: Continue following the same alternating pattern for this row as well.  You will notice that in every front post st from the previous row, you will not be placing a back post st, and in every back post st from the previous row, you will now be placing a front post st.  
Cut and tie off yarn.
Cut a strand of yarn ~ 2 feet in length and weave it around the top edge of your beanie (weaving it every inch or two).  Cinch the two ends of your strand and tie them tightly together.

Attach a pom pom: 

Other beanie tutorials in my 100 day series: 

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