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Easy Crochet Travel Silverware Case
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Easy Crochet Silverware Sleeve

How to crochet a silverware holder? In this crochet tutorial, I show you how to easily crochet a quick silverware case that will hold your spork, spoon, fork, or knife while you are traveling. This is perfect for anyone who does a lot of camping, hiking, or traveling in general. It is also great for anyone who likes to get their food to-go as it saves the single-use plastic.

How to Crochet a Silverware Case Video Tutorial:

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Stitches used in this pattern:

Attach Yarn to Crochet Hook:
Chain (CH):
Single Crochet (SC):
Slip Stitch (SL st):

How to Crochet Silverware Case for Traveling:

Yarn: 4 Cotton, Worsted Weight, Lily Sugar n’ Cream, Teal
Crochet Hook: G/ 6 / 4.25MM
Attach yarn to crochet hook using slip knot.
Row 1: CH 9, turn.
Row 2: In 2nd CH from crochet hook, place 1 SC in the BLO.  1 SC in the BLO of each st in the row (8), then turn slightly and place 1 SC in the FLO of each st in the row (17 SC in total.  SL st into the top of the 1st SC st – you should now have a circle.
Row 3: CH 1, place 1 SC in each st in the row (this includes the current st where you just placed the SL st).  SL st into the top of the 1st SC st from this row (17 total st).
Rows 4 – 34: Repeat Row 3.
Row 35: CH 1, place 1 SC in 1st 8 st. CH 1, turn.
Row 36: Place 1 SC in each st in the row (8 in total). CH 1, turn.
Rows 37 – 41: Repeat Row 36.
Cut and tie off yarn. 

This crochet project is a part of my two skein cotton challenge, where I see how many different projects I can make out of two skeins of cotton yarn. See the full playlist here:

Two Skein Cotton Challenge:

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