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EASY Crochet Tiny Basket

Crochet Tiny BASKET tutorial and free pattern! In this quick and easy crochet tutorial, I show you how to crochet a small basket that is ideal for craft or office storage, can be used as a crochet hook organizer, pencil cup, small bathroom basket, or various other uses.

Crochet Pencil Cup Video Tutorial ▶

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Crochet Pencil Cup Pattern

Crochet Hook: J/10/5.75MM
Yarn: 4 Strands of ANY yarn (scrap yarn is ideal) OR follow along with my four skein challenge and use Lion Brand Yarn’s Re-Up Recycled Cotton and Polyester Blend (Size 4, Medium Weight, Colors: Rust & Sea Glass)
Additional Items Needed: Stitch Marker (I use a safety pin or scrap yarn) and Scissors

NOTE: For this project, we are going to be working two strands simultaneously like they are one to create a chunky yarn.

Chain Rope:

Attach yarn to crochet hook using a slip knot.

Place a long rope of chain stitches and remove the crochet hook from the loop.  Re-insert crochet hook and add additional chain stitches as necessary to complete the project.

Row 1: Insert crochet hook through the 1st CH st of the chain rope (beside starting tail).  Keep CH st on the crochet hook and tie a magic circle with the other two strands of yarn.  Working over the CH rope and inside the MC, place 8 SC st.

NOTE: From this point to the end of the pattern, you will be crocheting over the chain rope.

Row 2: Place 2 SC in each st in the row, marking the 1st st (16 total SC st).

Row 3: **1 SC in st 1, 2 SC in st 2.** Repeat ** around the row (24 total SC st).

Rows 4 – 25: Place 1 SC in each st in each row (24 total SC st).


Row 26: **1 SC in st 1, SC 2together in st 2 & 3.** Repeat ** around the row (16 total SC st).

Row 27: SC 2together around the row (8 total SC st).

Remove excess CH st from the CH rope until 1 loop is sticking out of the last row of SC st.  With current loop still on the crochet hook, insert crochet hook in the CH loop.  Insert crochet hook in the next st and yarn over and pull through all the loops on the crochet hook.  

Cut CH rope tail like normal, but leave an 8-inch tail for the tail of the SC st yarn strands.  Weave the long tail in and out of the last row of SC st, then cinch the tail tightly and secure this hold by tying the CH rope tail and current tail together a few times.

Draw all tails to the inside of the sleeve of the pencil cup.

Tuck pencil cup sleeve into can and flatten all around.

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