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how to crochet a 5
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How to Crochet the Number Five

How to crochet a five?  In this tutorial, I show you how to crochet the number 5 with a few simple steps.  This is part of my numbers series.  All numbers in this series should be roughly the same size and font.  

How to Crochet a Five Video Tutorial:

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These numbers would pair perfectly with my DIY basket for some in-depth organizing, a beanie for someone’s birthday, or a wine coozie to indicate a date (like an anniversary, birthday, move-in date, or just a general year).

Basket tutorial:

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Beanie tutorial:

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Wine tote Tutorial:

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How to crochet the number five pattern:

Yarn: 4 Medium
Crochet Hook Size: G
Row 1: CH 6, turn.
Row 2: Beginning in 3rd back bump st, place 1 DC.  Place 1 DC in each st across (4 total st). CH 3 off the last st.
Row 3: Place 1 SC in the back loop only of 2nd chain from hook.  Place 1 SC in the back loop only of the next st.  SL into the last DC st from Row 2.  SL in the st beside it.  Turn work.
Row 4: In 3rd st from hook, place 1 SC.  1 SC in the next st.  CH 3 off last st.
Row 5: Place 14 DC in the 3rd back bump from crochet hook.  Fold the circle created up so that the shape of a “5” is created and place a SL into 3rd CH created at the end of Row 2.
Tie off yarn.

Numbers Series Playlist: 

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