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Carbondale Crystal River
2021 Road Trip, Porky Sees the World, Travel

Porky Sees Carbondale

Today was a very interesting drive.  We drove from Estes Park to Carbondale and I could feel the tension in the air as my parents tried to navigate the highway.  Apparently there were speed bumps on it.  I couldn’t see the road to verify, but I could definitely feel bumps, and I wasn’t able to take a nap like normal.
I wasn’t allowed in the camper for a while as it seemed all of our spices had spilled during the drive.  I can still smell the chili powder in the air as I write this.  Our poor vacuum will never be the same.
But Carbondale was very relaxing for me.  They had a dog park, so FINALLY I didn’t have to walk my humans around like I always do.  I could get a little ME time, and boy did I need it after being cooped up with Charlie and the humans for two weeks.  The dog park had an excellent view, and I made it out there for sunset every night.
Carbondale Crystal River
We also got to see a river that was just down the road from our campsite.  Charlie drank some of the water, but I didn’t want to risk getting ill at my old age.
Carbondale Crystal RiverI am not sure what my parents did during the day, but they left us for several hours one time and came back talking about Penny Hot Springs – they smelled amazing – just like rotten eggs. But before I could figure out where the buffet was, they had showered and the trail ran cold.

Carbondale KOA drive through:

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Road Trip 2021 Series:

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