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2021 Road Trip, Porky Sees the World, Travel

Porky Sees Yellowstone National Park

The drive from Grand Tetons National Park to Yellowstone National Park is LONG!  I guess the time between the parks is short, but I am shocked by how large Yellowstone is.  I heard that it was big, but a small dog like me could easily get lost here.

4K Drive through Mammoth Campground in Yellowstone National Park:

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Porky Sees Yellowstone National Park
I am SO HAPPY I didn’t see a Grizzly bear, but I did get to see a ton of elk and a herd of bison.  I let the elk graze in our campground, but Charlie wasn’t having it.
Porky Sees Yellowstone National Park
My parents ended up having to close the blinds because Charlie couldn’t handle seeing the elk.  They let me sit outside with them because I am a good boy I wasn’t sure what to think of the elk, but my parents really seemed excited about them.
Porky Sees Yellowstone National Park
They spent most of the time in Yellowstone looking out at the view from our campsite – and it was A VIEW for sure!  They also hiked up the hill behind us after confirming with the ranger that it was okay – I would have just done it and asked questions later, but I guess they are “responsible.”
Porky Sees Yellowstone National Park
We also drove out to Lamar Valley.  I was PISSED because the bison herd wouldn’t budge, no matter how much I yelled at them to move from the car.  My parents were so mad at me and even ended up blocking all the windows in the car so we could no longer look out.

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