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How to crochet a headband
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How to Crochet a Headband

How to crochet a headband?  In this easy crochet tutorial, I show you how to crochet a headband in an hour or less.  This headband is a perfect additional to your cold-weather collection, and can easily be adapted to fit any head size!

Crochet Headband Video Tutorial:

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How to Crochet a Headband

  • Crochet Hook: F/5/3.75MM
  • Yarn: Lion Brand, 100% Recycled Polyester Respun Yarn, Color: Parchment
  1. *CABLE st* is placed by skipping 1st st, then placing 1 DC in the following three.  Working back in skipped st, place 1 DC.  Make sure you pull the yarn up so that it is even with the last DC st loop and creates an exaggerated line, then finish out the rest of the DC st like normal.  If you are working the cable st at the beginning of the row, skip 1st 3 st, then work back in last skipped st for the final DC that crosses over.

  2. Attach yarn to crochet hook using a slip knot.

  3. Row 1: CH 22, turn.

  4. Row 2: Turn chains over to access the BACK BUMPS.  Skip 3 BACK BUMPS, and begin placing the CABLE st (instructions above) in the remaining BACK BUMPS of the row (NOTE: 3rd skipped BACK BUMP should be where you place the crossing DC st of the 1st CABLE st).  At the end of the row, you should have 5 CABLE st.  CH 2, turn.

  5. Row 3: Skip CH 2 and 1st DC st (this will be the last st of the CABLE st), and place the CABLE stitches like normal.  At the end of the row, you should have 5 CABLE st.  CH 2, turn.

  6. Rows 4 – 39: Repeat Row 3.  You can crochet additional or fewer rows if you need to adjust the width of the headband to fit your head size.

  7. Fold the headband in half so the 1st and last row are beside each other.  Make sure your crochet hook is on the opposite side of your starting tail and that you have placed 1 CH st at the end of your last row.  Join corresponding st by inserting your crochet hook under the full last st from the last row and the full last st from Row 1.  Yarn over and drop all the loops on your crochet hook for a SL st, then repeat for the remaining 19 st in the row.

  8. Cut and tie off yarn.  Hide tails down the created ridge.

  9. Turn headband inside out.

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