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diy mothers day gift basket crochet projects
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DIY Mothers Day Gift Basket – Crochet Projects

Ever get tired of having small, leftover balls of yarn when you complete a project?  In this crochet series, I share with you 7 crochet patterns that make a total of 8 different crochet projects, using only 2 skeins of yarn and 3 different crochet hooks.  These patterns are simple and quick and shouldn’t take you more than 1 hour (per project) to complete.  Some can be completed in less than 15 minutes.   Below you will find links to the individual tutorials.  This set can not only be used for Mother’s Day, but it would make a great birthday gift set, or a housewarming basket.  These tutorials can also be combined with any of my other tutorials. 

Two Skein Challenge Overview Video:

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This video is an overview of the different crochet projects I was able to make with only two skeins of yarn.  The individual crochet tutorials are listed below:

If you do have a tremendous amount of scrap yarn lying around, please check my DIY chunky yarn videos, where I use these left over scraps to make beautiful projects.  The best part is that you can combine them with different brands, sizes, types, and weights.  The effect of this can be really cool and add to a boho project:

DIY Chunky Yarn (From Scrap Yarn) Tutorials:

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