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Moab KOA
2021 Road Trip, Porky Sees the World, Travel

Porky Sees Moab

The drive from Carbondale was incredible!  I saw more waterfalls than I have ever seen in my life.
Moab 128
When we arrived at the KOA, I heard my parents talking about how we should have kept our reservation in the National Park, but Charlie and I were Happy that we had AC and could have some freedom at the KOA dog park.
Moab KOA
Charlie got to go on an adventure while I stayed back and caught up on some much-needed sleep.  He said that he saw mud that made an arch in the sky, big enough that you could sit in the shade of it;  I definitely think he is lying. He did say that he marked it, so I guess it is his.  He also told me about some drawings in the mud, but again – who knows with Charlie
Corona Arch Trail 282 Petroglyphs Moab Corona Arch Trail Pinto Arch Moab

U-128 Drive in 4K:

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Road Trip 2021 Series:

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