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how to crochet a stretchy brim - diy brim tutorial - day 0 simple
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DIY Crochet Brim – Stretchy Brim Tutorial

This video is a precursor to a lot of my 100 days of beanies videos.  This is a basic step in making some beanies that are worked from the brim up.  You can follow along with me as I complete my 100 beanie challenge, where I share with you a unique crochet beanie pattern every day for 100 days.
This brim can be doubled up to make an extra warm double brim, could be used as a headband by itself, and could also be a  great building block to create your own beanie patterns.

Crochet Stretchy Brim Video Tutorial:

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Stitches used in this pattern:

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How to crochet a beanie brim: 

Crochet hook: Any (or as specified by pattern)
Yarn: Any (or as specified by pattern).
Row 1: CH to desired brim thickness, turn.
Row 2: 1 SL in the BACK BUMP of each st in the row, CH 1, turn.
Row 3: Skip turning CH, 1 SL st in the BACK LOOP ONLY (BLO) of each st in the row, CH 1, turn.
Rows 4 – ?: Repeat Row 3 until brim reaches your desired width.
SL short edges together by placing 1 SL st in corresponding st on both edges.

100 Days of Beanies Videos:

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