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Lava Hot Springs Idaho
2021 Road Trip, Porky Sees the World, Travel

Porky Sees Lava Hot Springs, Idaho

Porky Sees Lava Hot Springs Idaho
Today was my first time ever seeing Idaho!  My parents said it was their first time too, which made me nervous because that means NONE of us know what we’re getting into.
Lava Hot Springs Idaho
The campground had a lot of shade and even a river, so we had plenty of entertainment without having to leave the campground.  The dog park was situated beside a tether ball game, so my parents would drop us off in the dog park and then try to smack each other with what appeared to be a volley ball – I will never understand humans.
Lava Hot Springs Idaho
They left for a few hours at a time wearing their bathing suits, and every time they came back super relaxed and their skin was pink.  I think they might have been trying to boil themselves, but I am not sure.  You would think that would be the opposite of relaxing.
Lava Hot Springs Idaho
I’m ready to see Grand Tetons National Park.  I hope I don’t get eaten by a Grizzly, but I’m fine if something “unfortunate” were to happen to Charlie.

Lava Hot Springs East Holiday KOA in 4K:

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