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Unwind Yarn by Hand without Knots
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How to UNWIND Yarn | Beginner Tutorial

UNWIND YARN BY HAND! In this quick and easy crochet tutorial, I show you how to unwind a loom-spun skein of yarn by hand. This can be complicated, but with the right set of instructions, you won’t end up with a HUGE KNOT!

▶ Video Tutorial:

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Steps to UNWIND yarn:

  1. Untwist and unknot yarn.
  2. Find the tails, if there are ties around the skein, you can remove them, but keep in mind that one of these will contain the starting and ending tails!
  3. Lay the skein out in an oval on a flat surface.
  4. Working with whichever tail looks the easiest to start, begin to wind the yarn around your fingers.


* Never let the yarn oval lose its shape.  Use the ball of yarn you are creating to prevent strings from pulling out of the oval, and take your time while winding to prevent the yarn from starting to knot.*

” Keep the grip on your yarn very loose to prevent it from becoming fuzzy during the winding process.

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